Stupid Commercials. Moron Producers. Ignorant Commercial Writers.

There are so many things wrong with Capitalism. I was thinking of one in particular. Advertising (commercials). Have you ever been watching a movie and can’t wait till the commercials come on because it’s better than the movie you’re watching? Hell no. Sorry guys and gals, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. When the commercial comes on you either mute it or change the channel or get a snack. Why do you do one of these three things? Because the commercial is so damn boring and stupid it’s ridiculous. And the producers of the commercials don’t care. Why? I think there’s something wrong with these people that are writing these commercials. Something mentally wrong with them. And there’s another major problem with commercials besides the morons that are writing them. Sorry guys and girls if the shoe fits, wear it. The commercial is based on a lie. The producer of the commercial has to take a product that is not selling and isn’t worth a shit and try to get consumers to buy this crap. Case in point. Three major auto dealers. Millions of dollars in stupid commercials. Tesla Motors, have you ever seen a commercial? I can remember when televisions first came on the market. My dad bought a little black and white 10-inch screen. My dad would be on top of the house turning the antenna till he got a good picture on the test pattern. Commercials were interesting but boring. I remember once a week there was a good movie and everybody would watch it. In the middle of the movie, they would have a commercial break. One commercial. I remember one time they tried to stick in two commercials in the middle of the movie and we bombarded them with phone calls. Cussing them out. They went back to one commercial. I think today you would call this a DOS attack. We called it frustrated consumers. And today, what do you sissy’s do? Not a damn thing, just whined about all the commercials. Producers of Commercials if you’re interested in making a good commercial. Tell the truth. Don’t lie. We can see through your lies. You’re not getting away with anything. And fire those ignorant morons that are trying to get some kind of a bird to sell me auto insurance? What a joke.
~ Norman L. Bliss